About Us

Durasolid Racing Inc started in 2007 in California, with one basic motto, to provide high quality performance parts at the best possible prices. The owners were fed up of paying 4 times the price for the same quality they provide through their website. That’s when Durasolid was born. We guarantee the quality you find on this website at this price will not be found anywhere. By maintaining a simple system of warehousing our parts to keep the inventory minimal, we achieve

Goals: –

Customer Satisfaction
The ultimate goal seems to have achieved now, as the variety and stock we maintain is optimum to achieve our full year demand. We have done over 10’000 transaction since the launch of the company Via Ebay and our website-www.Durasolid.com, which is growing by the day. The satisfaction and guarantee is our customers who come back again and again for repurchase of our parts.


Durasolid is known for its high quality partsin the market. Our in-house testing capabilities and on the track tests have proved that the product do not give up. They are simply the BEST. Each and every part part is checked fitment wise as well as visually, as out customer are not take for granted. They are our biggest assets.


Our commitment is to deliver our parts on time. Which means within 7 working days. Our company’s sales team keeps a track of all the shipments with a 24×7 tracking alert system, which helps us to provide our customer with on time delivery status.

Yes Drones are not used yet!!

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